Step out of your comfort zone, put your feet on the ground, but keep your head in the clouds. Dream of a better world; bring about positive change now, because your involvement makes a difference!

We can take you on a journey; show you the roots of our culture, the shapes of our landscapes and the challenges we face. We can open your eyes, show you new horizons. We can enrich your mind; you will go back home with good memories and a changed soul.

Take a leap into the tropics, learn from us, share with us, and build with us a sustainable future for all. Remember, you are a global citizen; your actions have consequences beyond the invisible and concrete walls that some try to build.

Put your rain boots on and get your umbrella out, because it pours in the forest and in our jungle of concrete. Experience the change, be the trigger to a chain reaction, share your experience and spread the word. You are the new generation; you are the present and the future. We can help you conquest your fear for the unknown. We can help you get rid of the labels that divide us.

You have arrived to your home away from home. Study Abroad with ICDS