Home away from home


Costa Rica is a safe country in general, with a long standing democratic tradition and no army. Nevertheless, being safe is a concern anywhere in this world. Throughout your stay and on an on-site orientation, ICDS guides you on identifying potential risks and ways to minimize or avoid exposure, and in the unlikely case of an incident, ICDS provides all the support you need to safeguard your physical and emotional integrity and well-being.
Product of many years of experience in international education in Costa Rica, ICDS has developed a safety net based on services, staff and host family support, as well as counseling, all through personalized assistance, given the small size of our programs.

To contribute to your safety from the beginning and throughout the program, ICDS offers the following services:

Arrival and Departure Assistance
ICDS provides you with airport pick up and transfer to and from the host family’s home upon arrival and departure.

Living in homestays, with carefully selected host families, provides a safe environment to make the most out of your academic and cultural experience in Costa Rica.

ICDS Staff
With many years of experience and a professional and dedicated team, ICDS’s staff constitutes a support network that facilitates your participation in ICDS’ programs by guiding and assisting you.

Health Services
In case of illness or for specific medical needs, ICDS offers you the necessary assistance to consult a physician. ICDS assists you in making doctor’s appointments at Hospital Clínica Bíblica, as well as accompanying you.

Cultural Orientation, Follow up, and Counseling

You benefit from the assistance of ICDS’ Program Counselor, a professional psychologist who collaborates with ICDS in the process of your integration to life in Costa Rica, as well as provides support during your adaptation process to the new culture, the host family, and the community at large, beginning with the orientation session, and periodic follow-up sessions throughout the program.

Support during Emergencies

ICDS offers you full support during your participation in the program through its staff’s 24/7 availability in case of emergencies. We have an established protocol to handle emergencies. The number of ICDS’ emergency mobile phone, staff’s contact information and other important emergency contact information are given to you at Orientation.

The following are some of ICDS’ personal safety recommendations:

  • Always be aware of your surroundings
  • Do not walk after dark; it is better to take a taxi.
  • Watch out for pickpockets, muggers, con-men.
  • Hold onto bags and purses, especially when walking in downtown San José. Do not leave bags on the ground or on the backs of chairs while in restaurants or bars or unattended on the beach.
  • Do not wear gold or flashy jewelry in San José.
  • Be careful when entering and exiting ATMS, especially at night. Lock the door behind you, if the ATM booth has that option.

All of these recommendations and complete information about health, in-country travelling, safety, emergency protocols, ICDS institutional policies are reviewed during ICDS’ Orientation session and also included in ICDS Student Handbook, which is made available digitally at the beginning of the program. If you need more information regarding safety measures please contact studyabroad@icdscostarica.com