Customized Programs
Faculty-Led and Customized Programs

The International Center for Development Studies (ICDS) is an academic institution that provides students with the opportunity to experience a new culture and language while participating in academic programs with varied focuses: Spanish language, sustainable development, gender, human rights, social responsibility, public-private partnerships for development, and health sciences.

We offer students a well-rounded experience in a country whose historical advocacy for human rights and sustainability makes it an excellent stage to reinforce students’ commitment to make the world a better place.

ICDS also provides universities and colleges abroad with the possibility of developing customized programs –at undergraduate and graduate level– run jointly with ICDS. These may include faculty-led and special short-term programs focusing on topics within ICDS’ areas of expertise and intended for participating students and faculty to learn about diverse aspects of the country’s sustainable development process, while experiencing Costa Rica’s language and culture.

Take advantage of ICDS´ experience, its extensive network of local affiliate organizations, and the expertise of its dedicated staff who will work with you, your academic unit, and your study abroad office to put together a program tailored-made to your group’s needs and requirements.   ICDS’ special programs range from one week to a full semester and may be run mostly any time throughout the year.

ICDS´ Services

These special programs are complemented by all the services provided for ICDS’ regular programs:

  • Arrival/departure assistance and airport transfers
  • On-site Orientation focusing on cultural adaptation and safety
  • Homestay placements or coordination of other lodging arrangements (hotel, residence hall type facility)
  • Classroom facilities at the university campus
  • Collaboration of ICDS’ professors or guest speakers on specific topics
  • Site visits to relevant places in accordance with program focus
  • Excursions and cultural activities
  • Community work

Previous Experience

Samples of faculty-led and customized programs organized by ICDS

  • Three-week  J-Term program for University of New Hampshire students, led by a Political Science faculty member
  • Four-week Dialogue of Civilization programs designed for Northeastern University Human Services students –including Spanish instruction and community work
  • Six-week special program on Corporate Social Responsibility and Public-Private Partnerships for Development in collaboration with UNH
  • TESOL/TESL teaching experiences in Costa Rica as part of a Practicum requirement for Hunter College, NY.
  • One-week faculty-led trips in collaboration with Drexel University’s  College of Nursing and Health Professions intended to give students the opportunity to learn about Costa Rica’s health care system through guest lecturers on relevant topics and visits to health care facilities that are part of Costa Rica´s public mix (public-private)
  • Spring and Fall break faculty-led programs centered on sustainability  for Villanova University

Dates and Price

For customized and faculty-led programs we have flexible dates, and we can adapt to your needs in terms of budget and other program specifics. For more information please contact us, We will be glad to help.

For more information regarding customized programs please contact us.